Becoming a Client

One of the primary goals for Volk and Associates is to make things as easy to understand and simple as possible. We also want to save you time, so we’ve designed all of our services with time savings and simplicity in mind.

Our company is not like many other firms in that we do not suffer from ‘physics envy’ in wanting to make things so complicated that the client is afraid to ask a question. The beauty of this approach is that it fosters comfort and with comfort comes more communication and a better overall relationship.

First, we will meet for a ‘discovery’ meeting, either in your home, our office or simply down at the corner for a cup of coffee. Our goal in this meeting is simply to get to know one another to see if there is a basis for establishing a relationship. At this meeting we may or may not mutually decide to move forward. No promises, no pressure from either side.

Should we decide to move forward, we will schedule a follow up meeting where we will discuss matters in further detail or potentially move forward. From there, we will take some time to formulate a logical plan that you can understand and know what to expect from. As the plan comes together and solidifies, it will be time to initiate implementation. This process can take as little as 1-2 appointments or as many as are needed until you have your level of comfort satisfied, usually within no more than 3-4 appointments.

You can rest assured that we are monitoring your portfolio on a daily basis, and you will be kept informed of this on a regularly in addition to quarterly phone calls and annual meetings, on your direction and comfort level. Some clients wish to have a high level of contact and communication while others desire less- the choice is yours. You can rest assured though in knowing that your investments are based upon the principles of Fact-based investing.