Our Beliefs

Volk and Associates Inc. offers fee-only financial planning and investment management services to its clients. The company does not sell products or receive commissions. This frees us up to “sit on the same side of the table” and allows for a solution that is client-focused in that our interests are completely aligned.
Volk and Associates believes in continually challenging the status quo when it comes to investing and planning. Key to this philosophy is helping clients achieve their financial goals through sound planning and continuous risk management of their investments in an unbiased environment. This philosophy has borne out two critical components that set Volk and Associates apart from other financial services firms:

  1. We do not rely upon making Predictions of what “might” occur in the markets;
  2. And we do no rely on Theories of what “should” occur in the markets.

Unfortunately, the great majority of the advice that investors have received over the past few decades falls into one or both of the above categories.

Instead, Volk and Associates relies upon what we know to be true in the markets now, and we react accordingly. Adhering to these two tenets has yielded a solution that we call “Fact-based Investing”.